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The table below outlines the tuition fees, possible ancillary fees and other compulsory fees in Australian Dollars for students enrolled at SPI. For further information related to fees, including cancellation of enrolment, deferrals and refunds, please consult the Tuition Fees Payment and Refund Policy.

Postgraduate Course No. of Units Total Tuition Fees
Graduate Certificate in Data Science 4 Units of Study $11,000 (Domestic Students) $13,200 (International Students)
Graduate Diploma of Data Science 8 Units of Study $22,000 (Domestic Students) $26,400 (International Students)
Master of Data Science 14 Units of Study $44,000 (Domestic Students) $52,800 (International Students)
Other Compulsory Fees
Enrolment Fee $250 for International students – once only
Materials Fee $100 (non-refundable)
Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)[1] $104.3 per Trimester for full-time students
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): Varied according to course duration (international students are required to obtain OSHC for the proposed duration of their study)
Ancillary fees
CoE Variation Fee $200.00 for International students (once only)
Airport Transfer Service $150.00 (one way)
Late Payment Fee $100.00
Re-Assessment Fee $250.00 per re-assessment (only applies when a student needs to be re-assessed)
Replacement of certification documentation
  • Production of Replacement Documentation
  • Postage Within Australia
  • International Postage

Note that tuition fees only cover the cost of tuition, which does not include other expenses related to studying (i.e. textbooks) or living expenses. The tuition fees and other charges may vary from year to year and over the duration of the course. International students’ fees are protected by the Australian Government Tuition Protection Services (TPS). See moore information at

For Refund Application Forms, visit the Forms and Policies Portal page on the SPI website.
[1] SSAF rates are determined by the Australian Government,


Before the CoE is issued, international students entering a course will be charged:
  • an enrolment fee, which will be set annually.
  • the first trimester fee (i.e. no less than fees equivalent to three subjects); and
  • students in a packaged course will be required to pay SPI the fees for their first trimester in the SPI course prior to receiving a CoE.
After commencing, students will be charged the next trimester fee at the start of each enrolment period.
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
The OSHC is a compulsory health insurance program for overseas students studying in Australia and lasts for the duration of their student visa. This program ensures that students have access to affordable health care and can be organised by SPI with the permission of the student. For more information, please consult the student handbook or contact SPI Student Services.

Payment Method
All fees must be paid in Australian dollars (AUD). Payment options include:
  • Cash payment at the SPI student support office; or
  • Electronic Funds Transfer; or
  • Credit Card Payment: Credit Card Surcharge will be applied.