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SPI recognises the importance of accessible and high-quality resources, facilities and services, and that the successful delivery of these to the SPI community is paramount to enable students to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. This includes the provision of reliable and secure technology and means of communicating whether on or off-campus.

SPI’s campus is designed and maintained to facilitate a functional and comfortable learning environment. This extends to the provision and maintenance of accessible support services for both staff and students.


The SPI campus will be equipped with a number of facilities including:

  • Fully-equipped classrooms for face-to-face teaching delivery.
  • A computer laboratory for the exclusive use of students during scheduled times.
  • A physical library and free online access to an e-library and research database.
  • Shared student spaces, including study areas and desks.
  • A shared kitchen.
  • Office areas for staff.
  • Meeting rooms, accessible by staff and students.
    Break out areas.
  • Lifts for wheelchair access.

As our student numbers grow it is expected that our physical facilities will be expanded, for example, additional computer labs and specialist facilities are planned.


A physical library area is located on the SPI campus to complement digital learning resources and provide academic support to students. The library holds learning materials based on course requirements, including but not limited to textbooks, academic journals, reference books and databases. Online, the library provides access to a wide variety of digital resources through Pro-Quest eBook Central and is accessible through Moodle. The library will be staffed by a dedicated librarian who will support students and SPI’s academic goals. The librarian wiil be available for consultations with students and will hold workshops or research seminars as appropriate.