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| 26 WEEK, CRICOS CODE: 114577M

Why PQP?


Bridging the Gap

Designed specifically for students who don’t meet the direct entry requirements for SPI postgraduate study. Successful completion of the SPI PQP will gain you entry into the SPI Postgraduate program.


Focused Curriculum
Gain vital skills in academic writing, study techniques, and research methods tailored for SPI master’s level degrees in data science.


Foundation in Data Science
Learn essential data science concepts, preparing you for advanced studies, even if you haven’t had formal training in quantitative subjects.

Pathway to Prestigious Degrees at SPI


    • Graduate Certificate in Data Science
      (CRICOS code 112063J)
    • Graduate Diploma in Data Science
      (CRICOS code 112064H)
    • Master of Data Science
      (CRICOS code 112062K)
    • Master of Data Science with AI Specialization
      (CRICOS code 112062K)

To qualify for the award of the Postgraduate Qualifying Program, a candidate must: 

– Complete 4 compulsory units with an accrued total of 24 credit points.

Content of the CourseCredit points
Compulsory UnitsPQP100 Academic and Intercultural Communications6
PQP101 Research Skills for Industry & Postgraduate Study6
PQP102 Principles of Quantitative Analysis6
PQP103 Principles of Data Analytics6
Please note that not all units may be offered each teaching period. Please check unit of study availability with the Student Services team or contact​
Key datesTrimester 2Trimester 3
Orientation week (W 0)1-Apr-245-Apr-245-Aug-249-Aug-24
Teaching commences (Block 1, 6 weeks)8-Apr-2417-May-2412-Aug-2420-Sep-24
Tuition fee due date (Friday of the 1st week)12-Apr-24 16-Aug-24 
Enrolment deadline (Friday of the 2nd week)19-Apr-24 23-Aug-24 
Census date (Friday of the 4th week)3-May-24 6-Sep-24 
1st Mid study break (3 weeks)20-May-247-Jun-2423-Sep-2411-Oct-24
Teaching commences (Block 2, 7 weeks)10-Jun-2426-Jul-2414-Oct-2429-Nov-24
Study break (2 weeks)29-Jul-249-Aug-242-Dec-2413-Dec-24
Examination week12-Aug-2416-Aug-2416-Dec-2420-Dec-24
End of study break / other activities / Result19-Aug-246-Oct-2423-Dec-2423-Feb-25


The Australia Computer Society is the peak body for the technology industry in Australia. SPI data science courses have been designed to align with ACS guidelines and SPI engaged with ACS and gained their input as we developed our courses.